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Mook Manee (Phuket): The best seafood I've ever had

My first visit to a Michelin-star restaurant in Phuket. Hands-down the first seafood I've ever had in my life!

At this restaurant, you can choose your ingredients (lobster and what not) and tell the chef how you'd like to it to be served. We went all in with everything, and it was actually not that expensive because it's still Thailand. 🦞

Man, oh, man! These prawns were muscular. Have you ever removed the prawn's shell and somehow the prawn looked bigger than it was with the shell on? Yep, these guys work out and their muscle puffed out as soon as the barrier was removed.

Then there was the raw lobster, the oysters and the tom-yum lobster. 5 stars rating from me!

Link to the restaurant: HERE



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