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2 Unique Places to Visit Near Bangkok (Samut Prakan)

Are you looking for new places to visit that are within driving distance from Bangkok?

If you’ve been to Bangkok before, I’m sure you’ve heard of Pattaya, Siam, Khao San Road, Royal Grand Palace and so on. Well, if you have some extra time, let me introduce you to Samut Prakan, which is a province just south of Bangkok.

In December 2022, I went to Thailand to visit my family. We all went to a road trip together in central, north and south of Thailand. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to places I’ve visited and shared some beautiful photos!

Once again, I’m not a historian or a travel agent, so I’m not going walk you through all the detail about each location and its history or facts. I’m only sharing my own experiences and photographs with the hope that it will tickle your urge to explore and make the same trip!


The first place I’d like to introduce is called “Bang Pu” which is known for birdwatching and bird-feeding. Each year, from November to January, over 5,000 seagulls would migrate from the cold weather of Siberia (Russia) and stay at Bang Pu Recreational Center.

Specifically, the place where the seagulls have been swarming is called “Suksa Bridge.” You can purchase small pieces of deep-fried pork from vendors nearby and feed the birds with it.

Yep, that’s pretty much all I know about this place. I think this is one of the lesser-known locations in Thailand, even though it offers an extremely unique sight and experience which you probably don’t see anywhere else in the world.

I think these seagulls have been coming here year after year because they know that this is where they can get free breakfast, lunch and dinner effortlessly from tourists.

They guys have become very skilled at catching their deep-fried pork – you could through a small piece very high up in the air and they would be able to catch it with their little beaks (60% success rate).

I’d say the best time to visit Bang Pu for birdwatching is after 4:00PM since the weather is not too hot and the sunset is beyond beautiful pairing with all the seagulls flying around.

During my visit, there was a moment where a helicopter flew by and made really loud noise. The birds all got frightened and immediately flew away – in a very synchronized manner – across the sunset. Breathtaking… And before you know it, they are back to get more food.

Watch the full video on YouTube HERE!


This is an open-air museum of 200+ acres, containing 100+ architectural replicas of Thailand’s most iconic sites from over 4,000 years of history.

Ancient City is officially the world’s largest outdoor museum nowadays. This place is gigantic. It would take you all day to go through everything, and it’s best if you commute around the area by car or bicycle.

Unfortunately, we only had 2 hours to spend inside the Ancient City, so we only ‘skimmed’ it.




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